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Arthur de Ganay already started collecting photography while studying architecture in Paris during the mid-1990s. It was his encounter with the photographic oeuvre of Hiroshi Sugimoto in 1995 that brought about a veritable turning-point and persuaded him to start collecting contemporary art. The collection convinces with its strong artists and concentrates on large-format photographic works investigating the thematics of landscape and architecture

After moving to Berlin in 2001, the focus shifted to a thourough exploration of contemporary German photography, especially of what has become known as the Düsseldorfer school. In 2002, Arthur de Ganay discovered the architectural photography of Thomas Ruff in the »Mies in Berlin” exhibition at the Alte National Galerie Berlin and decided to include key works of the artist in his private collection. At the 50th Venice Biennale, he discovered the work of Candida Höfer and since then has followed the development of her work. In 2006, in New York, he sees the work of Elger Esser for the first time and includes him in his collection.

After, ten years, and due to the tact that his collection focuses on collecting large-format photographic works, it is necessary to separate collection and living-space In Berlin, de Ganay has realised this dream. In the Köpenicker Straße (Berlin-Kreuzberg), in what used to be a jam factory perched on the banks of the river Spree, he has found the perfect space to show the collection The choice of location has initiated a fruitful dialogue between the collection and its immediate surroundings.

During the ART FORUM BERLIN artfair in the collection opened his doors to the public. Since 2006, the collector arranges guided tours by appointment In 2007, the collection is part of the KUNSTHERBST BERLIN In 2008, it is listed for the MONAT DER FOTOGRAFIE In 2009, it is shown as a special exhibition at the ART KARLSRUHE.

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